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About Soronko Green 

Our aim at Soronko Green is to ensure that we leave a healthy environment behind for our children and their children.

Plastic shopping bags are one of the highest contributors of pollution in South Africa.  Legislation that has been put in place to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags is failing. 

Only 10% of the 8 billion plastic bags produced each year are reused.

Biodegradable shopping bags from Soronko Green are decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms and thereby avoiding pollution.


Watch your thoughts for they become your words
           Watch your words for they become your actions
                     Watch your actions for they become your habits
                               Watch your habits for they become your character
                                         Watch your character for they become your DESTINY

Group Structure

Soronko Group (Pty) Ltd holds 51% share in Soronko Green (Pty) Ltd.

JB Holdings Trust holds 55% share in Soronko Group (Pty) Ltd.

Find out how your company can leave a better South Africa behind through the use of biodegradable plastic shopping bags.